Understanding Scutelliphily or the Art of Collecting Patches

Collecting PatchesScutelliphily is the term that refers to the hobby and art of collecting souvenir badges or patches. These types include embroidered, woven, and printable or iron on patches. The word itself is derived from two ancient words – the Latin term ‘scutellus’, which means ‘little shield’ in English and the Greek term ‘philein’ which means ‘love in English’.

The word itself may be a tongue-twister but for patch and badge enthusiasts, the word transcends their passion for history and the art. The history of collecting badges and patches dates back during the ancient times when Roman and Greek pilgrims produced miniature images or emblems of their gods and goddesses. The tradition was carried through and was also adapted by the Christian pilgrims eventually.

The miniature images evolved during the medieval period when Christian pilgrim badges were made more wearable by attaching pins to these badges or images. During the medieval period, one who was seen wearing a shell symbol meant that the person had already been to the sacred shrine of St. James located in Santiago de Compostela, a region in Spain.

The onset of the 19th century also demonstrated a huge increase in the penchant for souvenirs including badges and patches. Secular pilgrims as well as the ordinary travel of people were instrumental to the boost seen in the souvenir industry.

People started to develop a habit of bringing home something that would remind them of a journey. These items range from postcard, magnets, badges, to pins. Patches, on the other hand, became a popular when hiking became highly popular right after the First World War. Hikers started to sew patches on their backpacks and jackets. During those times, iron on patches had not existed yet, and patches were manually hand-sewn on the garments.

In the US, the growing popularity of National Parks was also instrumental to producing the growing numbers of patch collectors. Vacationing started to become more and more popular, and people also started to obtain patches from the places they have visited.

During the Second World War, patches were also widely used in Germany. The term ‘Sweetheart Patches’ was coined by soldiers who used these to inform their loved ones about their current locations.

The interests in patches and souvenirs of people continued even during the 21st century. The types of patches have likewise evolved. People no longer need to stick with traditional embroidered patches. Woven, printable, and iron on patches are now widely available on the market. Even specialized crests or badges can now be obtained by elite groups or institutions.

Collectible patches also range from coat of arms, scout patches, political patches, and uniform patches. Military patches or service patches are also among the top favorites of collectors. Patches that represent Special Forces, air forces, marshals, highway patrol, and the navy are also highly sought after by collectors. Several patch enthusiasts have also dabbled into making their own signature patches – ranging from printable to iron on patches.

Patch and badge collectors also sometimes engage in buying-and-selling on-line. Several collectors have also spent thousands of dollars on ancient patches which were originally used during the First World War.


Scutelliphily is a hobby that people who love history and art would appreciate. It may not be as popular as stamp collecting or toy collecting but the message behind the emblems and designs are too significant to resist. Understanding the satisfaction that old patches can give may not be easily grasped by everyone. However, the joy of collecting something that has witnessed the good and the bad of history cannot be questioned or even measured. From simple badges, to more modern ones like those printable or iron on patches, these items are all worth collecting.

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A Buyers Guide to Cheap Golf Clubs

Golf is a sport that doesn’t come cheap. First you will need golf lessons, practice sessions at driving ranges, playtime at the golf course and of course, good quality golf clubs. By far the most important among all these requirements are the golf clubs. If you are on a tight budget but still wish to indulge yourself playing golf, there are a few things you have to remember in order to get good but cheap golf clubs.

1.Inspect the golf clubs carefully

Best-Golf-ClubsBuying used golf clubs can ensure that you get cheap golf clubs as well. But not all used golf clubs were taken good care of by their previous owner. Inspect the golf clubs for signs of wear and tear. Check for any bent clubs, noticeable nicks and bumps that could affect your performance. Don’t just take the seller’s word for it. Even if he is selling it to you for a very low price, you might be surprised that it could just be junk once you’ve bought it. Check the club faces for worn down grooves and signs or rusting.

2.Ask the Seller Why He is Selling it

Sellers who are quite sentimental and attached to their old golf clubs could sell them to you for a lot more money owing to the fact that they “had great times with these golf clubs”. If you are not willing to buy it at their price, maybe it’s best to walk away. Look for sellers who just want to unload their old clubs or are not as attached to old clubs. Sometimes they just want the cash so knowing the reason why they are selling it could score you some cheap golf clubs.

3.Don’t Mind the Small Stuff

In complete contradiction with item #1, don’t sweat it if you find a little nick or scratch in any one of the golf clubs. These clubs are used to whack a hard golf ball so that it reaches a hole a few yards away; naturally, there will be tiny indentations and imperfections on the clubs. A little scratch never hurt a swing so let it go. Don’t worry about grips that are worn as well. These can be easily and inexpensively replaced if needed.

4.Try It Out and Have a Feel

If you are buying a used golf club at a sporting goods store with a wide enough area where you can practice your swing, by all means try out the used golf club. If you are buying online, find a place that sells a similar model and try it out before buying it. Testing a brand new version of the used version you are planning to buy can also help you find out if the clubs are authentic. best golg club

There are a lot of fake clubs circulating about for quite some time. Check out the same clubs in the golfing store before buying the used set and compare the feel. If it feels lighter or heavier than the new one at the store, it might not be real and could harm your performance later on.

5.Think About Trading

By trading your old golf clubs, you might just be able to score yourself new but cheap golf clubs. Some big golfing stores offer a trade in for a new set of clubs for your old set and a few extra cash. Even if there is cash involved, spending on this will still be considerably cheaper than buying new ones.

6.Go For The Lesser-Known Brands

Some lesser known brands sell cheap golf clubs that are just as good as their more expensive and well known counterparts. Test out each brand at the store before buying. You might be surprised to find out that the cheaper brand feels just as great in your hands as the more expensive brand.

7.Do Your Research

When buying used golf clubs, there are thousands of sources on the internet that indicate how much they are selling for. Canvass for the best prices online before buying in real life so that you won’t end up spending more than what it’s really worth. Ask for discounts when you find a worn grip or some small scratches. You’ll never know if the seller will give you a discount if you don’t ask.

8.If You Decide to Buy Online, Check the Seller’s Profile

Sellers usually have a few customers that can vouch for them. Look for transaction reviews from the seller’s previous customers. If he is rated a top seller, chances are he’s the real deal and wouldn’t sell you anything less than the best.

9.Consider Buying 1 club at a time

Sometimes, buying an entire set can be very expensive, even if it is a second hand set. If you are only starting out with golf and are just looking for less than 5 clubs to get you started, then find just that particular club and not buy the entire set. You might realize later on that golf really is not your sport so it’s best to be sure before you invest on these expensive equipme

Custom Lanyards- The Most Efficiently Promotable Products

The promotional custom lanyards are available with custom phrases, messages or symbols. There are plenty of promotional products in the market now a days but when it comes to custom lanyards, it will be the cheapest and reliable promotional product for your brand or business. There are lots of reasons as to why you should order lanyards. Today, 21353509_hrsqlanyards are a convenient method to give a marketing message in a simpler way. If you own a start up in your business or successful entrepreneur then lanyards are practical versatile and affordable marketing tool.

What Are Lanyards?
Lanyards are rope-like string with a small hook at its initial. Generally, it is used to hold keys, Identification cards and loads of other items to prevent loosing the respective products. And it makes easy access to the products. Custom lanyard are typically worn around the neck and it carries a name badge, pass and identification cards. It is something more than you think.
Here are plenty of lanyards are available, you can opt among them according to your requirements:
• Beaded Lanyards
• Customized/ Personalized Lanyards
• Shoe-lace Lanyards
• Eco-Lanyards
Custom lanyards are popular because they are a handy way to meet employee’s needs. Many organizations require their employees to show identification (ID). It is typically a neck strap that can be used to hold your ID cards on the neck. Undoubtedly, it looks good, comfort and secure for every aspects. It may serve for various functional purposes and yet stylish and vibrant, too. They come in beaded, braided and shoelace styles and wide range of colors. There are plenty of online stores who are providing these services as per your requirements. If you still miss this reasonable and attractive product for promotion of your company or brand, you are going to miss something better.

Creating Your Own Custom Lanyards!
According to your requirements and theme, you can also create your own customized lanyards. This is not only covers the person’s information but more comfortable than safety pins car holders. Once you have made decisions for creating your own custom lanyards then you can opt for what kind of attachments you want to have- custom lanyards. This is not only for promotional purposes but bestowing safety and comfort as well.


• Get different styles of clasps that you can select, depending upon the requirements and who will be using or wearing them.

• Go for soothe materials such as nylon, polyester etc. that you will be using for your lanyards.

• Choose colors according to the theme of your business. You can also make use of your business logos in the lanyards. Custom lanyards are often printed with logos of your business.

• Make your lanyards handy with the use of square braid designs.

• The most popular type of custom lanyards is – beaded styles. This is a popular choice of neck lanyards because it makes lanyards beautiful and attractive accessory.

• Eco- Lanyards:Green or eco-friendly lanyards are usually most secure and environmental friendly, it is made of recycled, organic materials. These lanyards are constructed from cotton or bamboos. If you are passionate about eco-friendly material then undoubtedly this is going to be perfect choice for you.
With a wide variety of classic styles available in lanyards, we are sure that you will find out the best lanyards that match your sense of business. You can also print your slogans or logos on lanyards and make them perfect for your company or business. This is the most cheap and reliable promotional and marketing tool for your business.